A Look Inside the Chris Alexander Spin Machine

When this blog began it was exciting to get our first comment although it was a bit deflating to find it was a negative one. Here is what it looks like on our side of the fence:

big daddy kane comment

This was not exactly the kind of feedback we wanted, but the philosophy here is that the comments belong to the readers so provided they aren’t abusive we print them.

Check out the IP address under the email address the commenter used to sign up with. Readers don’t get this see this but back end administrators on the site do. For those unfamiliar with the basic principles of how the internet works, an IP address is a unique identifier used to route traffic to a specific device. This is important.

The next day we got another comment and it was even more negative. Oh no!

gruel ghoul comment

Different name, different email. Same IP address. Going by what we know about how IP addresses work it’s a good chance these are in fact the same person. Unless you want to believe that somehow a commenter from yesterday posted something and then their service provider changed their IP address. It happens from time to time. What stretches any and all credibility is to imagine that by coincidence our second commenter, who also happens to have a negative opinion, was somehow assigned the IP address previously used by another totally random commenter. In about 24 hours or less. This is absurdly unlikely.

Interestingly we can find out all kinds of information related to an IP address. They are owned by people and there are open records available on who owns them and where they are located geographically.

So we can do a simple lookup and learn a little bit more about our mysterious visitors.

Oakville Ontario? Who do we know in Oakville Ontario?

Could it be Chris Alexander?

No, of course not. That’s absurd. To imagine that the editor of the biggest horror magazine in the world debases himself like this and spends his time attacking his critics behind fake names is just silly. I mean, what would be the point?

Well, one might be another fallacious rhetorical tactic called poisoning the well. This is where someone tries to impeach the source of the information instead of the information itself. It also creates the false impression that 2 people with no personal interest in this blog, myself or Chris Alexander are giving negative feedback. It creates an illusion of disagreement, of unpopularity that can influence readers.

Fortunately yesterday Chris Alexander posted on the blog and we can put these nasty rumours to rest by taking a look at his post from the site administrators perspective. Remember, pay attention to that IP address:

chris alexander comment

All 3 of these posts share the same IP. Either the same insanely improbable random transfer of IP addresses happened 3 days in a row with 3 different people with negative opinions who all happen to be from Oakville…

Or Chris Alexander decided that rather than actually respond to our request for comment on and put his side of the story out there like the editor of a world class publication is supposed to he’d rather make fake blog comments in an absurdly transparent attempt to harm the credibility of this site. It’s a pattern of deceptive conduct that is especially disturbing because of the privilege Alexander wields. That his instinct is towards deception and smearing critics instead of basic transparency should concern readers.

Can we really go on trusting what Chris Alexander has to say anymore when he has demonstrated a callous disregard for civilized discourse and a flippant willingness to deceive in order to benefit himself? Does he realize the office he holds is not his personal playground but an obligation to the Fangoria readership to uphold at least an appearance of professionalism and integrity?

Perhaps he’ll address this in the comments section.



A Look Inside the Chris Alexander Spin Machine — 11 Comments

  1. Sigh…another late night trying to prove that I am a “cad”, Dave? Perhaps you should write a blog about your credibility as as source.

    Instead of the blog you abused to gain the infamy you’re attempting to enjoy, and now the new blog you are abusing in an transparent attempt to discredit a former friend who let you into his home, nurtured you and supported you. I know many of your “readers” will see the faux-“fight the power” rhetoric YOU spin as heroic…hopefully saner heads will see that it is, of course, a personal attack…not an attack on a horror film entertainment magazine, but your brother-in-law’s friend who helped you out when you needed it.

    Rave on, good sir. I hope you find what you’re looking for.

  2. And I thought it would be clear that it was me commenting on your work? Guilty as charged! Considering these same sentiments have been articulated loudly about your “manifesto” for some time via mine own lips. Thinking you are bold in your use of genre film comment to say something deeper about the human condition? Are you even aware of the long, storied history of genre journalism? Of writers who shaped the craft you’ve crudely barnacled onto?

    This is not THE ECONOMIST. It’s sex, death, blood and the stimulation of the id as entertainment. It is crude psychology and physical revulsion tied together and presented in ways to drive commerce and art.

    • “This is not THE ECONOMIST. It’s sex, death, blood and the stimulation of the id as entertainment. It is crude psychology and physical revulsion tied together and presented in ways to drive commerce and art.”

      This quote is so infuriating and insulting. But the key component is COMMERCE. Is Fango simply an overpriced advertisement? If that’s the case, why should readers bother? I can read intelligent and honest commentary on horror film, or hell listen to it on a podcast if I so choose, so why spend my hard earned dollars on Fango when the Editor is using it as his personal philanthropy project to publish hacks and plagiarists?

      Regardless of Dave’s motivation, these are important questions to me as a reader with money to burn.

      To assume that everyone already knows you use Ben Cortman as a pseudonym is wrong. I am a tried and true horror fan. I have read I AM LEGEND and seen all the adaptions, but I would have never figured that one out. Perhaps Fango is geared toward an ingroup of which I am not a part.

  3. Hey Dave, here’s another one for you. Chris Alexander also uses “JohhnyRebel” on Disqus with the email address filmismylife101@aol.com.

    The idiot left me a comment on my review of his so-called “movie” using that pseudonym because he’s a cowardly twat. If he hadn’t made his comment irksome at the end, I wouldn’t have checked into it. But now I know the truth, and so will a great many more people before this week is over.

  4. Gentleman,
    You actually expect integrity from Fangoria? That is outragious. Hell, Chris Alexander doesn’t even run his own house. He allows Rebekah McKendry to rule over him. I know this for experience because why would a horror publication with any measure of integrity dare say to a six time published author “We will see if our editors care about your work.” Sorry, Fangoria lost all semblance of integrity and journalistic professionalism a long time ago. They are the play toy of the horror socials and only people Rebekah McKendry socializes with are allowed to be written about or be promoted. So, it is no wonder the head of that publication would act in such a disgraceful way.

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  7. I think it should be pointed out that the “Gruel Ghoul” crap that troll Alexander tossed up on your comments section in is a cut-and-paste job from one of his trolling sprees on former Fangoria icon “Uncle Bob” Martin’s Facebook page. I believe it happened one or two years ago. The troll-pseudonym he used on your page was a play on the name of the Facebook user that had commented on one of Uncle Bob’s status updates. Their comments had allegations that Alexander-era Fangoria was not paying writers. Alexander and an acolyte named Shawn “The Butcher” Smith went into spin mode even going so far as to chest thump and threaten the Facebook user with violence. Lots of hilarious insecurity followed with the usual Alexander m. o. about how he’s a professional writer and so on, but never at any moment did he behave like one in his replies.

    If you contact Uncle Bob and do a search through his timeline you will see that Alexander is sloppily cutting and pasting some of his remarks from his often nonsensical screeds from that debacle. He’s literally carrying a grudge over one Facebook war of words that happened years ago, and transplanting it onto your blog. That has to be some kind of sociopathic behavior. I offer up my apologies for not remembering the specific date this happened, but the entire thing remains vivid in my memory because it was an early, public display of Alexander’s unprofessional behavior and revealed a clear contempt he holds towards anyone who stands up to him. His comments radiated narcissism and insecurity, and exposed his rather high opinion of himself. You are clearly dealing with that kind of nonsense on your blog. Good luck to you and please keep up the good fight. Alexander needs to be held accountable for his behavior.

  8. hey yo nobody better talk smack about my close personal friend Chris Alexslander or I will SMASH YOU in a jealous rage since Obamacare won’t cover Clearasil and fake teeth.

    Fuck yeah this is a fake name, and everyone involved with FANGORIA these days is an anti-social creep engaged in a game of suck-ass politics with fairweather friends. What we’re witnessing now is the death of organized fandom and let me get my marshmallows…

  9. Sound like Chris Alexander has got a personal vendetta against you,for he’s only giving you a lot more free publicity in making your name much better known,and it’s sad to see that the way he refers to you could perhaps be the way he looks upon bloggers and other aspiring writers(who strongly rely on writing on social media networks to keep their writing[and their writing skills] alive).

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