Fangoria Legends – Rob Zombie UPDATED

rob zombie legends

This week it was announced that the Fangoria Legends: Rob Zombie special issue was finally ready and shipping out. It had been expected to ship in May and many upset Fango readers have taken to Facebook and the comments on the Fangoria website to voice their discontent with the delays.

Well, fans can stop all their bitching and moaning because it’s finally ready!

Fangoria EIC Chris Alexander on the project:

FANGORIA is thrilled to tip our blood stained hat to the one and only Rob Zombie in this, the fourth in our limited edition “FANGORIA Legends” collector’s magazines. Rare is the artist who has stamped his persona so strongly on such a wide array of media. Rob has taken his affinity for horror, strange cinema and exploitation and forged a kind of language that has forever changed weird pop culture. For the music, the movies, the style and the bombast that is uniquely his own, FANGORIA salutes Rob Zombie the only way we know how: with a glorious, saturated, edifying and electric collection of printed pages.”

Man, that’s a lot of adjectives!

Alexander wasn’t always so enthusiastic about Rob Zombie though. In fact, he speaks to this in his editorial in Fangoria #323 where he tells an embarrassing tale in which he missed a screening of Rob Zombie’s Halloween but proceeded to review it (rather harshly I might add) – sight unseen – on Rue Morgue Radio. It’s a humanizing bit of candor where he talks about the demands of new parenthood and balancing kids, jobs and trying to hack it out as a writer on top of it all, before apologizing for his mistake.


Fortunately for the readers of LPP the uncut audio of the segment is available online, so in celebration of the release of this very special tribute to Rob Zombie I want to share it with all of you. Listen and decide for yourself how you feel about it. It is the perfect soundtrack for reading your favorite issue of FANGORIA or GOREZONE or FANGORIA LEGENDS: ROB ZOMBIE magazine alone, late at night, in low light and in the altered state of your choosing……ious/H2007.mp3

Remember while listening to him describe the film – he hasn’t seen it but he’s working really hard to convince his co-host and the audience that he has.


EDIT: Fangoria posted an interview with Rob Zombie conducted by Alexander. He bravely brings up the fact he wasn’t a fan of Halloween and didn’t have nice things to say about it at the time which I give the guy some kudos for. Perhaps not surprisingly he doesn’t go all the way and give the full story. I guess that might be really awkward though considering how badly he laid into Zombie in that recording. Probably best not to bring it up, right?



Stuart “Feedback” Andrews, host of Rue Morgue Radio who appeared in the linked segment posted his response to this story at The Mortuary forum. The post includes a shot of the editorial Alexander penned for Fangoria 323, I suggest giving both the post and the editorial a read.




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  1. I first met Chris at a private screening of “House of 1,000 Corpses” the night before it opened in theatres. That night was the unintentional prototype of the Caustic Critics segment on Rue Morgue – he liked it, I loathed it, and much fiery debate ensued.

    I appreciate Zombie’s zeal, I don’t appreciate his films. At all. Sorry, Rob.

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