Fangoria Musick Presents – The Music of Chris Alexander, Editor of Fangoria


In this posting from the spring, Fangoria announced a step into the music distribution game. It’s an interesting move and frankly I’m not going to hold it against any publication to look for alternate sources of revenue or ways to attract people to the brand. It’s tough out there folks and haven’t you heard print is dead yet? In a marketplace that keeps trying to convince the public you’re a relic of the past you need to fight tooth and nail sometimes to keep going. I get branching out and trying things like this.

Here is what I don’t get and it is the point at which I am off the Fangoria Musick bus:

Rather than use the auspicious occasion of the launch of the Fangoria Musick label to announce a release from either a classic master or a newly discovered talent deserving of the spotlight, Fangoria instead uses the moment to allow editor in chief Chris Alexander to pump his own personal brand. That’s right, the first release from Fangoria Musick will not be lost recordings of Fabio Frizzi or a bleeding edge wunderkind plucked from the basement – it will be the music of Chris Alexander. Of course.

It’s apparent Fangoria is Alexander’s personal playground at this point, using it as a very clear stepping stone upon which he continues to build the Chris Alexander mythos. Seeing a publication so beloved used like such a libertine is depressing.

Consider, just for a moment, the reality of musicians who don’t also happen to be editors of internationally distributed magazines with hardcore cult followings – consider the opportunity something like Fangoria Musick represents. The recognition, the credibility, a chance to be introduced to thousands of fans all over the world who are likely to enjoy your work. It’s a great opportunity.

That Chris Alexander decided to use the launch to push his own product and upstage all the people who could use a break shows very clearly where his interests lie. He seems to want to use his privilege as editor of Fangoria to turn the attention of the audience the mag on to himself. I talked to Chris about the issue on Twitter.


So, not really thinking Chris wants to talk about that aspect of it all. Fair enough. I wouldn’t either.

 “BEYOND THE DARKNESS” is a long playing, free-form landscape of experimental, drone heavy electronic  music, recorded using analog equipment, moog synthesizers, guitars and sound effects, performed live to tape by Alexander, and then mixed digitally. It is the perfect soundtrack for reading your favorite issue of FANGORIA or GOREZONE magazine alone, late at night, in low light and in the altered state of your choosing…

I can’t help but get a real Garth Marenghi vibe from this. Also, the last line is full of more brand hooks than an Adam Sandler movie. “Enjoy my album with your favourite version of my magazine where you can check out my other products.” I’m not supposed to feel those barbs in my flesh, Chris. It’s supposed to go in smooth and painless and then become impossible to withdraw.

“I’m Chris Alexander. Authour, musician, film director, visionary, dreamweaver plus magazine editor…you are about to enter the world of my imagination…”

Check out the current selections at Fangoria Musick and see the new acts the label has attracted.


Fangoria Musick Presents – The Music of Chris Alexander, Editor of Fangoria — 2 Comments

  1. “…the last line is full of more brand hooks than an Adam Sandler movie”

    Haha, well put.

    I’m kind of at a loss for words, but I think you expressed my sentiments exactly.

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