Full Moon’s Fake Profiles – Marketing Mischief Targets Minds and Machines

It all started with a seemingly innocent forum post.

slasherbabe post

Could have been posted by anyone really. Notice how the post is designed specifically to make you think it was something “found” spontaneously and shared with other fans. Notice the clear separation between the authour of the post and Full Moon.

I found out on their facebook. I guess they have lot of unreleased stuff from the past they wanna compile into a magazine.

Taking the post at face value you’d be forced to say the person writing it was not associated with Full Moon or Delirium. It clearly looks like a post from a fan sharing news with other fans. Full Moon is hugely popular in the horror fandom and news of them starting a magazine could be seen as cause for a fan to make a posting like this to spread the word or spark discussion.

Unfortunately, “slasherbabe” was not just a fan sharing news with other fans.

In fact, the evidence shows very clearly “slasherbabe” is tied to Full Moon/Wizard.

feedback ip log

We’ve been here before. Fangoria’s Chris Alexander used fake online profiles to slander this website and others. We’ve also reported on mainstream media outlet FOX News using these kinds of tactics to promote their agenda online. In fact, in the very first posting on this blog we spoke of forces being arrayed against fans by the PR machine. Ever since, we’ve been delivering more and more evidence there is in fact a problem and a need for greater transparency and accountability in the industry.

Seeing that this is happening further up the chain only confirms the worst and we encourage readers to think critically about the media they are consuming.

Savvy readers no doubt will want to point out this is an obvious shill post and nobody should have been fooled by it. I’d like to point out two problems with this – successful or not it is the attempt to fool the audience that is at issue here. We see this person with obvious ties to the product they are plugging not only not declaring those ties but actually carefully wording their post in such a way as to project the image that there was no relationship. It’s the intent in doing this that matters.

The second problem is that these posts aren’t just designed to fool people – they are actually much more effective at fooling machines. Machines? Yes, machines like the powerful indexing and ranking algorithms deployed by search engines like Google and which ultimately determine what you see when you search for certain keywords and what you don’t.

What is most desirable about these posts from a page ranking manipulation perspective is that Google will rank pages higher when other sites link to the site. Links from higher-traffic sites are considered more valuable and given more weight in determining search rank. So consider what several posts like this all over major horror and cult film forums and places like Reddit. All those incoming links to Deliriummagazine.com have an impact on its search ranking. Appearing in page one of Google search results is arguably more valuable than the word of mouth promotion these posts are serving as.

Basically – if you were fooled by postings like this (and they appeared on many forums) then Band and his merry bunch of marketing munchkins got some of your attention. If you weren’t fooled, it’s okay – your search engine was. Either way, Horror Nation got played again.


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