More Online Comments Revealed as Penned by Fangoria Editor Alexander

Ben Cortman

As a quick update to a story from Thursday – La Politique Psychotronique reported that Fangoria Editor in Chief Chris Alexander was commenting on this very site under multiple pseudonyms in an attempt to discredit the site by creating the appearance of disapproval.

A commenter tipped us off to the fact that they were able to positively confirm that Chris Alexander had posted a comment on their website following a review of Alexander’s film “Blood for Irina”.

Dr Blood, of Dr Blood’s Video Vault, had suspected that Alexander made the posting after Blood panned “Blood for Irina” in a review. The commenter had used an email address – – which was associated with an old MySpace page belonging to Chris Alexander.

However, suspicions were confirmed when a specific IP address was matched to Chris Alexander. The post in question, along with the IP of the poster, is pictured below:


Image courtesy of Dr. Blood’s Video Vault

Compare and contrast with posts from LPP confirmed to be Alexander:

gruel ghoul comment

big daddy kane comment

chris alexander comment

Commenting on the discovery, Dr Blood had the following to say to LPP:

What Chris Alexander is doing is lying, and I despise liars. Not only is he a shitty filmmaker but his shills are morally reprehensible.

Even if he had a decent product instead of a half-arsed, no-budget piece of dreck, promoting it with fake profiles is disgusting.

The question now really is: Why is Chris Alexander making fake online profiles and defending his own film as if he is some regular viewer without an agenda? It’s part of a pattern of behaviour that is emerging where Alexander is engaging in deceptive practices in print and online for the purpose of promoting his own product.

Mr. Alexander, was this another pseudonym we were all supposed to know about? Is it common knowledge you were known as JohnnyRebel as well? Another in-joke?

Once again, even the appearance of impropriety should be the test for how the editor of a world class publication conducts himself in these matters. Does it even occur to Mr. Alexander this was wrong? It’s alarming that based on his public comments to date it appears he does not.


More Online Comments Revealed as Penned by Fangoria Editor Alexander — 24 Comments

  1. “Johnny Rebel is the pseudonym of Cajun country musician Clifford Joseph Trahan (born October 3, 1938), also known as Pee Wee Trahan. Trahan has used this pseudonym most notably on racist[1] recordings issued in the 1960s on J. D. “Jay” Miller’s Reb Rebel label of Crowley, Louisiana.[1][2]”

  2. While I have no doubt as to the truth of his claims with respects to Chris Alexander, Dr. Blood has no credibility whatsoever. He maliciously spread lies about a Toronto podcaster when a friend started up a funding campaign following a fire that destroyed everything she owned. He tried to disseminate the false rumour that it was just a scam to buy DVD’s. While he purports to hate liars, he is a liar himself.

    He’s a misogynistic, festering boil on the underside of the world wide web’s scrotum.

    He’s widely considered a joke in the eyes of any semi-respected journalist unfortunate to have ever stumbled upon his diatribes. Nothing he ever says should ever be taken as gospel.

  3. Yes, I am a misogynist and a misanthropist. I don’t like anybody, regardless of gender, and I’m proud of it too.

    Pro-Tip: There are no respected journalists, semi or otherwise.

    Liar am I? I’ll just post the screencaps of that podcaster’s Twitter feed asking what Blu-rays she should buy with her haul of money on the same day that she was supposedly a victim of a fire.

    Funny what priorities some people have, isn’t it? Normal people would want a new place to live, furniture, clothes, and food, not DVDs!

    Calling it as I see it. Now try to refute it.

    • I know for a fact the place burned down so you’re completely wrong. You spread malicious rumors and lies without knowing the facts. Clearly that tweet was meant to be playful – an attempt to deal with a painful situation with some levity.

      • So someone with a completely bogus username says that I’m wrong?


        That Tweet says exactly what it was meant to.

        I have no time for scammers and e-beggars. Go play in traffic with the rest of WiHM cronies.

      • And one more thing, as Columbo would say,

        Prove that I ever “tried to disseminate” this story. Because this (on here) is the first time that it’s ever been posted. It’s only disseminated (such a big word for a small brained WiHM supporter) now because you brought it on yourself.

        Now shut up, go back in the kitchen where you belong, and make me a sandwich.

  4. We have chosen to be as hands-off as possible with the comments on this site. That said, there are concerns over the comments in this thread.

    Please try to keep comments related to the issue at hand and as free of personal attacks as possible. We’d also ask that this not become a place to float rumour which, if untrue, would be harmful to the people involved.

  5. Figured I’d do what?

    Yeah, you send your photoshopped screengrabs. Or better yet, print them out, roll them up into a tube, and stick them up your arse.

    They won’t fool anyone. And neither do you, Mr. Pace.

  6. You were warned. If you cannot restrain yourself in these comments you are no longer welcome to post here.

    We want to encourage open discourse but won’t tolerate sexist, racist, homophobic or violent remarks so this is goodbye Dr Blood.

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