Spike DDB Denies Involvement With Oldboy Posters

Last week we reported on the case of a graphic artist whose work was allegedly plagiarized for posters for the Spike Lee Oldboy remake. An unnamed ad agency the artist was working for submitted the images for use despite the artist not agreeing to permit the agency to use the work. There was unconfirmed speculation this agency might have been Spike DDB, an ad agency that arose from a partnership between filmmaker Lee and ad giant DDB.

The night the story broke we took to Twitter and posed the following:

Spike DDB responded on Twitter a few days later:

With that denial in hand it seems the only thing that is going to move this story forward is for the artist to name the agency he is accusing of ripping off his work. Or, Spike Lee could name them and let the public know what action has been taken.

If any readers have any info on the agency in question, you can hit us up at tips@psychotronique.anidealforliving.com.




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