The Facebook Note Chris Alexander Took Down

As we recently reported, Chris Alexander removed controversial remarks made on his Facebook page that drew both support and disgust from the community. In the spirit of ensuring readers can evaluate the story for themselves we feel it is important to preserve Alexander’s comments.

Thanks to the work of an astute reader, we have the full transcript. Here they are, in full and exactly as they appeared to his large social media following:

> It is a snapshot of the page as it appeared on Oct 17, 2013 23:43:21 GMT.
> *
> *October 17, 2013 at 10:37am
>           *
> *          *
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> *          *
> *          *
> By Chris Alexander
> A few years ago I gave a break to my friend’s struggling brother-in-law,
> name of Dave Pace. He wanted to be a writer and was working temp jobs and
> needed a hand. He asked for a blog, no pay, just a space where he could
> write about movies. I let him write whatever he wanted. 90% of his “column”
> was used to ingratiate himself into the folds of Canadian indie filmmakers
> -transparently -in the hopes he could eventually make his own movies.
> Everyone on staff at the time wanted him gone as even online, he needed
> MAJOR editing. And his facts were always erroneous. I fought to keep him
> around and groom him because I knew the guy needed a break and I felt
> responsible for him, even though I was accused of nepotism and felt
> conflicted about it. I tried to give him opportunities, hoped it would work
> out, appreciated his enthusiasm, let him use the FANGORIA name to promote
> his local attempts – to make himself a star or something and felt bad when
> every attempt fell flat on its face. A failed screening series. A failed
> live blog. A failed convention appearance. When I imagined starting my own
> side-mag offshoot of FANGO called FANTASMA, I even asked Dave if he could
> run the website. I wanted him to succeed.
> I also watched him follow around the now disgraced Lianne Spiderbaby –
> another person I gave a break to years ago – like a puppy, in the vague
> hopes I suppose that he’d get to hang with her then-boyfriend. I secretly
> laughed at his melodramatic rhapsodies about her “work” and promotions of a
> book she hadn’t even released. Whatever Kool-aid that girl brewed, Dave
> Pace guzzled every drop.
> When her drama hit us all – and was most profoundly felt by the people who
> printed her work, something the trolls fail to realize – this guy Pace saw
> his chance, losing his mind and launching an all out war against Lianne and
> those who “harbored” this “criminal”, trying to ride a micro-scandal into
> fame for himself.  This was his big chance! Turns out he was festering like
> an open sore for years because he wasn’t getting paid (his own choice) and
> he was livid because she had received a few duckets now and then in print
> (full disclosure: Lianne Spiderbaby wrote for almost two years FOR
> FREE…her choice and something that Pace of course has no idea about
> I’d laugh if it wasn’t so sad.
> Attempts to position himself as a messiah for a new kind of “genre
> journalism” fell flat, including clumsy attempts to use this to ingratiate
> himself into what he thought would be the only outlet that MIGHT hire him
> (and thus far, has not), RUE MORGUE and he went back to his cave.
> But apparently he has emerged anew with a blog poised to again “bring
> down” what he fancies is “corruption” in the “monster magazine universe”.
> Again, let’s bite our lips to hold back the guffaws. The monster magazine
> universe!  Now, remember, this guy wrote a free blog on the FANGORIA
> website. He never wrote for the magazine, though he endlessly promised me
> assignments that he never, ever delivered. This guy eventually piddled out
> a piece a few months ago- before he went Kurtz – and it was absolutely
> unprintable. Just a jumble of words and thoughts and woeful
> self-indulgence. But, I managed to squeeze 2 pages out of it -heavily
> edited and re-written (an interview with Joe Bishara in FANGORIA #326),
> paid him his money and thanked him.
> But the thanks was peppered with the hard truth that no matter what he
> fancies is insight into “media”,  he has never been – and likely never will
> be – a writer nor has he ever been employed as such.Though he comically
> rails against Lianne the plagiarist sneaking through the cracks and getting
> published in major niche magazines, the truth is – and he KNOWS this – that
> his own sporadic blog, the one that he used to bill himself as “FANGORIA’s
> Dave Pace” was edited within inches of its life, leaving his own byline
> questionable. The man’s postage stamp of fame was forged in charity, plain
> and simple.
> He is a sour, dour embarrassingly naive individual who – after I cited him
> as such publicly – is now on a very bitter public trail to try to “bring me
> down” – along with poor Tim Lucas, a real writer and independent business
> man who ended up in Dave Pace’s line of pathetic fire – and all who dared
> shake their heads at the way the trolls handled the “Spiderbaby Situation”.
> So now, here comes Dave Pace, his tired self staying up late penning a
> blog about how I use pseudonyms when I write.
> The first handle he tries to “out” me for is “SCHIZOID CINEPHILE”.
> Again…way to go and be “informed” Dave. I WAS the Cinephile for 7 years
> in Rue Morgue. It was my column. A modicum of research or insight would
> have revealed this.
> Second, he tries to “reveal” that I am also Ben Cortman. Hilarious. Almost
> everyone of my loyal readers, who have been reading me in print for a
> decade know that I am Ben Cortman and I have said in interviews often that
> I became Cortman when I was a publicist at Warner Bros. and writing on the
> side. My first assignment was THE OMEGA MAN DVD and I thought it was
> hilarious that I could be Robert Neville’s nemesis and no one at the WB
> would know. I use – LIKE EVERY SINGLE PROLIFIC JOURNO – pseudonyms when my
> own byline is already saturating an issue and I want to mix it up. Or when
> i want to adopt a different style for fun. Or when I discuss a title that I
> am too close to.
> It is no secret.I am proud and amused by Cortman as I AM LEGEND is my
> favorite novel. I am also Janos Skorzeny, Mokey Bone and others. On
> occasion I am also DR. CYCLOPS.
> And here is Dave Pace, wasting his life and time yet again, self
> indulgently grinding his axe and writing an entire blog about the “mystery
> of Ben Cortman” and launching an inept investigation into something people
> who would care, already know.
> See, in an issue last year, I inserted a 400 word preview piece on my
> indie film BLOOD FOR IRINA – that I made outside of FANGORIA with FANGO
> photog David Goodfellow – in our Monster Invasion section and because I
> didn’t want to write it first person, I used Cortman.
> There was no shame in this only pride – put my little film in there in a
> quickie throwaway piece, especially considering it was to be a wide release
> and was in festival rotation and I had Cortman interview me because it was
> amusing.
> So the question is, why does a failed (and often unprintable) wannabe
> writer keep trying to attack hard working professional people -myself
> included – who write and run horror entertainment magazines for a living
> and who are successful doing so? The reason? Because he is not successful.
> And sadly, never will be. And what I used to pity about this individual has
> now mutated into a cancer. Bitterness and failure tends to do this to
> people.
> Normally I would follow my own good sense and let this go, to not give
> this unsavory individual the ink he craves.
> But…no one has ever loved me for my good sense.
> Perhaps Mr. Pace fails to grasp that the very core of his manifesto itself
> is corrupt. His 14.5 minutes of interweb fame was built on a favor, on the
> very “privilege” he claims to abhor.
> Ben and I are aghast…


I add only 2 things to all of this.

1. More than 12 hours before this was posted we had requested Chris Alexander’s comment on the identity of Ben Cortman. No response was forthcoming from Alexander.

2. To spend over a dozen paragraphs enumerating my various failings and character flaws, true or untrue, seems perverse when the final paragraphs are an admission that everything I had accused him of was true. He was Ben Cortman, he did write about his own film in his own magazine under an assumed name.

He even admitted what I didn’t accuse him of – that he uses the Ben Cortman name when he wants to “discuss a title I’m too close to”. In other words, he is aware he uses the name inappropriately and to promote work he is admittedly not able to be objective about.



The Facebook Note Chris Alexander Took Down — 26 Comments

  1. This was a colossal failure as an exercise in public relations and/or damage control, Chris. You deleted any comments that didn’t suck up to you and banned any one – sometimes pre-emptively – who were not in the little Facebook chorus singing your praises.

    If Pace’s character assassination was as baseless as your contentions, then what were you afraid of? At the very least this makes your editorial railings against censorship a fucking joke, you hypocrite.

    Give criticism? Take criticism. Like a man.

  2. (I doubt Mr. Alexander is reading this, but the “yous” in my rant below are directed at him, not the author of this LPP article. I’m too lazy to change every “you” to “he”.)

    “Almost everyone of my loyal readers, who have been reading me in print for a decade know that I am Ben Cortman”

    Are you kidding me?! Are you THAT solipsistic? You might need some fresh air, get some perspective outside of the insulation of your Facebook yes-men. It’s a HUGE leap to presume that ALL or even a majority of your readers, loyal or casual, have followed or give a shit about a decade’s worth of magazine politics. A lot of people read magazines because they’re interested in the CONTENT printed on the pages. I would venture to guess that the majority of Fangoria readers follow what’s inside the pages of Fangoria, not the personality cult of its editor-in-chief. What of the “non-loyal” readers? Those browsing the magazines at Barnes & Noble who might have bought the occasional back issue for its CONTENT and really couldn’t give a flying fuck who its editor-in-chief is.

    • “Are you kidding me?! Are you THAT solipsistic? You might need some fresh air, get some perspective outside of the insulation of your Facebook yes-men. It’s a HUGE leap to presume that ALL or even a majority of your readers, loyal or casual, have followed or give a shit about a decade’s worth of magazine politics.”

      Agree wholeheartedly. Quite presumptuous indeed.

  3. I want to learn more about this.

    “When I imagined starting my own
    > side-mag offshoot of FANGO called FANTASMA, I even asked Dave if he could
    > run the website.”


    Why is every post ever made on The mortuary about either Lianne or Chris or Fangoria. What’s the real story behind the scenes here? Clearly there is more.

    Fangoria’s archives are gone which is strange and there may be a story there but if you look for Dave’s name and Fangoria online there is stuff like this:

    So Pace and Chris seem to have had a falling out.

    So what happened here?

    Chris’s Facebook rant is really nasty and a let down but its obviously coming from somewhere else.

    Aren’t journalists meant to not have personal connections to their subjects?

    • “Why is every post ever made on The mortuary about either Lianne or Chris or Fangoria. What’s the real story behind the scenes here? Clearly there is more.”

      That’s not true. There are two threads currently going where his name keeps popping up because he is implicated in those particular thread topics, but there are hundreds of other threads focused on horror movies, games, books, toys, shows, the weather, most hated insects, etc.

      And there is only a handful of people involved in the threads which mention Chris by name. Many other members continue to hang out in other parts of the boards sharing their love of horror with like-minded people with not a care in the world for Chris, Fangoria, or the discussions surrounding both.

  5. Is this really a shock? Chris has been using Fangoria for his own means since day one. The first thing he did was he put Gene Simmons on the cover! Why? Because he wanted to get into Gene’s good graces and become his “buddy”. And sure enough when Gene needed someone to help put together a magazine for his concert tour (Kiss Monster) who did he hire? CHRIS!!

    Then he constantly talks about Nic Cage (and gives all of his films good reviews such as The Wicker Man) so he can cuddle up to him. Sure enough Cage eventually invited him to his island in Barbados.

    Chris put Debbie Rochon on the cover of Fangoria so he can entice her to write for the mag and it worked. He’s hoping one day she will pop up in one of his “movies” that he makes with Autonomy Pictures.

    So Chris has been using CHRISGORIA err I mean Fangoria for his own means from day one. Anyone shocked he promotes his own movie and then praises it with an alter ego in the pages of Fangoria?

    I read an interview with Chris online a few years ago and he said something like “I don’t care if you hate it or love it” when he was talking about Fangoria. What kind of an attitude is that to take when you are publishing a magazine for fans? It should be about the readers and what they want not about the editor and what he wants.

  6. Boy, if I was to even take a sentence of any of this seriously you completely lost all cred when you brought me into it. He has made a movie, and is currently making another one, and I am not in either. Tony Timpone offered me the column before he changed ‘careers’ at Fangoria and Chris wanted to keep it going because he liked it. There has been countless times I have seen him do a very good turn for someone trying to start out or break into the field – even if it DID make more work for himself or Michael Gingold – managing editor. He works endless hours with very, very little help. I am SURE you are all aware of the state of paper publications (the rising expense, the downturn of ALL publication’s subscription numbers). You really want to cast the first stone? I have worked with a LOT of editors over the years and Chris is a man of integrity. I have no doubt you will say many opposing things after reading this post – but this is my honest opinion. You can have yours. All I see is someone who is personally pissed off and hurt because of what they lost. When folks have come after me this is ALWAYS the source; personal shit. (As a matter of fact many years later I have received apologies for such behavior). This is the internet and venom spreads very fast, often faster than one really takes the time to think through what they are saying or doing.

  7. It figures you would defend him mainly because he put you on the cover of issue #314 (How convenient).

    I wonder how long it will take before you happen to star in one of his upcoming Autonomy Pictures movies. 😉

  8. Jesus man, you sure do have a hard on for Fango. Every time I come to this blog that’s literally all it is. Where’s the content or talk about horror movies? Instead of constantly yakking about your break up with Alexander why don’t you and your staff write about horror? I’m not going to slam your writing as its obviously very good but you haven’t shown us any content beyond complaining about your ex employer. You dont like them, they clearly doesnt like you, so get on with it. Why would people want to keep coming back to read about your sour grapes?

  9. As someone who has my own issues with Chris, I expect my comment to be brushed aside. But after reading his own admissions about his use of a pseudonym in writing about his own and other friends work I was speechless. I reached out to various editors I have worked with in the past and present to ask if is was the common practice Alexander claimed it to be. Each person I contacted vehemently denied such outrageousness. I adore Debbie Rochon-she is one of the most gentle and sweet people in our genre. But Chris is not a man of integrity-quite the opposite. He’s also….well, for lack of a better word- a dickhead. In my short time with Fango in print I remember a conference call with him where he nodded through everything I had to say. I also remember when I tendered my resignation and he told me that writers like me were a dime a dozen. I’m happy to say that I’ve done pretty well for myself in spite of my obvious mediocrity 😉

    I’m not trying to stoke a fire, but I will say this; any editor who uses the magazine he’s entrusted with so blatantly deserves to be relieved of his post. Back when that Cage issue came out he laughed it off. But this Cortman thing, him using it to write about his movie and then claiming this is tankard practice…come on. Fangoria is in deep trouble, and keeping him in charge is going to further comprise the company.

    Change needs to come.

  10. It is not wise of you, DAVE PACE, to publish information from another’s private Facebook page – especially deleted writings – for use in hateful and misleading trash-talk. This forum serves no purpose other than to build hate for one individual. I suggest you choose your next moves wisely for obvious reasons.

  11. This is just absurd. I think it’s time to find new content, Dave. Or perhaps consider pursuing a career with the National Enquirer? This blog is not about Genre Media Dissected – it is about a man … no, a child, who feels most comfortable playing the role of a victim. Stop being a damn Martyr and make something of yourself. The “poor me” shit is growing old.

  12. Not to encourage ANY further debate about a matter that has already been embarrassingly over-discussed…but does anyone see the irony that this cry against public/personal attacks was published on a blog created primarily to make public/personal attacks. I have no dog in this fight, so call me any name you wish (I prefer “shithead,” but it’s your choice). I’d just like this smear war to end. I think this conversation thread alone proves that the whole thing is encouraging more petty arguments and name calling than any meaningful debate. Remember when horror movie fans used to talk about horror movies? Sigh…those were the days.

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